An overview of all Bonisa Mission projects.
The projects are comprised of Training, Church, Literature, Education and Diaconal categories.

Psalter Book
Project 2018-75
Needed $ 6,000

The English Psalter book, as used in the Reformed Churches in North America, has been translated into Chinese. This project aims at making the Psalter available to the churches.

Student Book Support
Project 2018-110
Needed $ 40,000

Seminary with full time and part-time students attracts many students from poor areas. Bonisa supplies the students with the necessary books to help them ground in the Reformed Doctrines.

Psalms - Heidelberg and Westminster Catechism
Project 2018-127
Needed $ 33,000

Audible media is being created to spread the Reformed doctrine to the Christians in China. This project focusses on putting the Psalms, Heidelberg

Audible Puritan Literature
Project 2018-129
Needed $ 29,000

The Shorter Westminster Confession of Faith, Pilgrim’s Progress and the Heidelberg Catechism are being converted into an electronic format so that they can be loaded onto smart phones and other audible devices.

Mission Trips to Lisu - Miao - Wei and Zang
Project 2018-130
Needed $ 10,000

In areas that have no Christian Schools, there is a great need to transmit basic Biblical values and educate children from the Bible and provide supporting Reformed literature. The Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress will be used as the main resources. We will supply a copy of the Pilgrim’s Progress for children and other Vacation Bible School resource materials.

Professor Training
Project 2018-131
Needed $ 12,000

There is a great need for Puritan Reformed Experiential instruction by the growing churches in China. Bonisa has an opportunity to provide training for professors. The churches have grown rapidly but need to be grounded more deeply in the truth.

Seminary Library Equipment
Project 2018-132
Needed $ 10,000

Seminary Student Support - Food
Project 2018-133
Needed $ 16,000

Instruction of church leaders is required. Some of the theological students come from very poor areas and cannot be financially supported by their small/poor churches. Bonisa will cover the costs of food for 15 needy students.

Seminary Puritan Library - English
Project 2018-135
Needed $ 5,000

The churches have a strong connection to the Puritans. A dedicated bookshelf is set up in the seminary library to show a visible relationship of the seminary to the Puritan teachings. The aim is to have as many Puritan resources as possible, thereby establishing a sound Reformed foundation. Students need these books in English in preparation to further their studies.

Translation of 3 Bible Doctrine Books
Project 2018-136
Needed $ 75,000

Bible Doctrine for Teens and Young Adults: Volumes I, II and III are to being translated into Mandarin and then published to be used for Bible doctrine instruction for Christian school teacher training, teacher training college courses, high school instruction, as well as pastor, seminary, and church catechetical and adult instruction.

Literature for Church Libraries
Project 2018-137
Needed $ 50,000

The churches have grown rapidly but need to be grounded more deeply in the truth. An efficient way is to provide translated Christian literature with a focus on Reformed Christian teaching and training. Books from various publishers will be supplied to individual churches.

Seminary or College Instructors
Project 2018-138
Needed $ 10,000

Instructors have been requested by the seminary and the college to teach courses to expound the Reformed Doctrine to the theological students, Christian school teachers and church leaders. Bonisa will cover some of the costs involved.

New Schoolhouse
Project 2018-140
Needed $ 10,000

There is a need to provide Christian School education for the local Reformed churches. Three years ago the Reformed School was started. Due to increased enrollment, a larger facility was acquired in the fall of 2015. The local churches have experienced steady growth and have financed most of their costs. Bonisa will help with this new schoolhouse.

China Christian School Society
Project 2018-145
Needed $ 20,000

This project aims to forward the China Christian school development work through providing resources for and work with development of curriculum, policies, teacher training and school review committees to further the work.

Translation of KJV Study Bible
Project 2018-149
Needed $ 20,000

Study notes of the English Bible are being translated into Chinese.

Rehabilitation Centres
Project 2018-151
Needed $ 55,000

Children, with cerebral palsy, living in the remote mountain areas do not have ready access to proper therapy. This results in limbs becoming contracted so that therapy later in life is much more limited in what it can achieve. Stroke victims also require therapy treatment. The project will finance the wages of the staff and provide for the medical care and needs of patients and orphans in the Shangri-la physical therapy centre. This work is done out of a Christian perspective.

Medical Project
Project 2018-152
Needed $ 20,000

The underprivileged people living in the remote countryside lack medical help and services. The medical care work provides free medical care to about 3000 needy people in the Shangri-la County region annually. The project will finance the costs of about 10 major surgeries and 20 hospitalizations per year. Approximately 10 times per year the remote locations (nomad areas, convents, monasteries, villages and townships in Western Sichuan and Northwestern Yunnan) are visited. The goal is to provide immediate medical relief for the needy patients and give a message of hope to motivate village people throughout the region.

Fruit and Vitamins for children
Project 2017-160
Needed $ 400

Children living in the remote mountain areas do not have ready access to schools. The project will provide fruit to 45 children that attend the homework classes in the evenings. The 40 children that attend the morning teaching program receive water and vitamins. By providing fruit and vitamins to the children the previous special medical project from which the doctor's expenses were paid for these children, has been reduced to zero.

Missionary support in the South of China
Project 2018-195
Needed $ 30,000

This project involves missionary work among the unreached minorities in Southern China.


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